Big Update

Huge stuff added to the game, which design oriented was core in bolstering. The idea of freezing blocks came from them, which revolutionized the experience of playing skylimit in my opinion. The things I learned:

 - I'm still very off on what should be prioritized for development, and I still fall into cognitive blind spots where I think I know what I should be doing for a project but I really don't

 - My sense for what is good design needs to be biased far more towards not expecting the player to figure something out. I still really dislike explicit tutorials, I think the ideal path is invisible checks and pieces of levels which mandate and cause learning.  I need to prioritize introducing these and do more of them than I think is necessary

 - I need to keep in mind level design fundamentals for what should be progressed first to make the levels most interesting: first the level shape, then optional rewards, then finally hazards/enemies

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Feb 05, 2023


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cool update. I especially like that you can damage boost. the update definitley made the game alot harder though (the s piece is a bitch)